Investing in Alternatives Forum 2015



Participants include
• Abu Dhabi Investment Council
• AIMA • Allenbridge EPIC • Amundi
• Arden Asset Management
• Atlantic Philanthropies • Barclays
• Bfinance • Bridgeland Advisory
• Cambridge University • Credit Suisse
• Darius Capital • Deutsche Bank AG
• Edmond de Rothschild • EIM
• Falcon • Generali • Grosvenor Estate
• Hedge Funds Investment Management Ltd
• Hymans Robertson
• IMQ Investment Management
• JP Morgan • Kedge Capital • Lighthouse
• Markham Rae • Migdal Insurance
• MUSST Investments
• Old Mutual Global Investors • Pioneer
• Prudential PMG • Redington
• Royal Country of Berkshire
• Russell Investment Group • Sandaire
• Surrey County Council • Tages Capital
• The Wellcome Trust
• UBS Global Asset Management A&Q (UK)

10 November, Royal Society, London

What do investors want from alternatives?
And how best to get it?

Investing in alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds has become an ever more mainstream activity for investors in recent years. But are investors getting what they seek out of such investments? What is the best way to go about it? Is it worth what you have to pay in fees? And how do you make such investments fit with other important criteria for investing – such as to meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals?

These are just some of the questions that will be discussed in a highly-focused day of debate that will bring together investors of all types at the historic Royal Society building in London on Tuesday 10th November 2015. Other key topics that will be covered on the day include: how hedge funds compare with other alternative strategies such as private equity; how changes in regulation are affecting investors; how emerging managers can attract investor allocations; and what are the best strategies for the current market environment.

The Investing in Alternatives Forum is hosted by Wilson Willis, who collectively bring decades of experience in news, analysis and events serving the hedge fund industry and those who invest in it throughout the world. Those participating will include people from pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, plus key advisers and intermediaries such as consultants and funds of funds.

Attendance at the Forum is by invitation only: If you would like to attend the Forum, please send your details (including name, company, position and telephone number) to or complete the application form below

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10:05Stop pushing product – listen to what we need
What different types of investors, including pension funds, family offices and endowments, really require from their investments - including alternatives
Moderator: Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
Speakers: Sally Bridgeland; Michael Hart, Amundi Investment Management; Odi Lahav, Allenbridge; Phil Triggs, Surrey County Council
10:45Cost and value: Are hedge funds now worth what you pay for?
Are the ‘terms of engagement’ changing – and hedge funds now delivering the sort of value proposition that investors require?
Moderator: Craig Stevenson, Old Mutual Global Investors
Speakers: Neil Hobson, Kedge Capital; Damien Loveday, Towers Watson; Gideon Nieuwoudt, Edmond de Rothschild; Karen Shackleton, Allenbridge
11:55The new regulatory system – how it affects investors
What investors like pension funds need to know about how the new rulebook in Europe is impacting investment managers – and what sorts of funds and structures they should be considering in response.
Presenter: Jiří Krόl, AIMA
12:15Reinventing the wheel – what’s the future for funds of funds?
The traditional multi-manager community still allocates a significant proportion of the assets invested in hedge funds, but is also offering ever more customised, bespoke and niche solutions. A panel discuss how it is evolving
Moderator: Sean Moran, BNP Paribas
Speakers: Stephen Foster, Credit Suisse Asset Management; Michele Gesualdi, Kairos; Jean-Damien Marie, Pictet Alternative Advisors; Fred Dubignon, Byron Capital Partners
14:00Show and tell: What’s the latest in due diligence and transparency?
Particularly since Madoff and the global financial crisis, investors have wanted to know an awful lot more about how funds are being run. What are they now being told – and are they happy with it?
Moderator: Will Jenkins, Amundi Investment Management
Speakers: Cedric Kohler, Fundana; Justine Lee, Prudential PMG; Richard Haas, Capeview Capital
14:40Investors want to add alpha and save the planet – can they do both?
Environment, social and governance (ESG) issues facing investors are becoming increasingly critical – what they should be doing about it in their approach to allocations, including in alternatives?
Moderator: Neil Wilson, Wilson Willis
Speakers: Eric Cockshutt, Unigestion; Jason Mitchell, GLG Partners; Werner von Baum, LGT Capital Partners
15:40Beyond the brand: the next generation of managers
While pension funds focus largely on established brand names, some other major investors do remain interested in startups and new funds coming through – what do managers need to do to attract them and overcome the rising barriers to entry?
Moderator: Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
Speakers: Mark de Klerk, Tages Capital; Saleem Siddiqi, MUSST Investments; Jeroen Tielman, IMQ Asset Management
16:20Strategy debate: Who has the best strategy – the one investors really need today?
A group of managers talk about the best ways for investors to get exposure to hedge funds in the current market environment
Moderator: John Willis, Wilson Willis
Speakers: David Craigen, Lansdowne Partners; Ian Heslop, Old Mutual Global Investors; Jonathan Martin, Markham Rae; Mick Swift, Abbey Capital
17:30Closing remarks

*Programme is provisional and subject to change

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Attendance at the Forum is by invitation only: If you would like to attend the Forum, please complete the application form below or send your details (including name, company, position and telephone number) to

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