The Hedge Fund Business Forum 2015


Speakers include
Adam Jacobs, AIMA
Andre du Plessis, Chenavari Investment Managers
Andy Simpkin, Lansdowne Partners
Angus Milne, The Children’s Investment Fund
Anna Maleva-Otto, Schulte Roth & Zabel
Brian Clavin, KPMG
Caroline Hoare, IPAF
Chris Parkinson, Cardano
Conor Kiernan, Marshall Wace
Conrad Levy, Brummer & Partners
Darren Fox, Simmons & Simmons
Dave Clarkson, JP Morgan
Dave Palmer, Darktrace
Donald Pepper, Old Mutual Global Investors
Genia Diamond, Cantab Capital Partners
Joan Kehoe, Quintillion
Luke Ellis, Man Group
Martin Pabari, CQS
Murielle Maman, Verrazzano Capital
Nicola Meaden Grenham, Dumas Capital
Rahul Moodgal,
Simon Goodman, Duet Asset Management
Steve Foster, Credit Suisse Asset Management
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Best Ways Forward in Operations & Business Management

23 April 2015, Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London


The Hedge Fund Business Forum provides senior business managers, such as CEOs and COOs, with a dedicated event where they can debate the key operational and business issues affecting their firms. The agenda has been drawn up in collaboration with major firms including Brummer & Partners, CQS, Lansdowne and Marshall Wace, who will be participating in the event. The event attracts around 150 delegates, including from many of the leading management firms.

Key themes for this year will include:

The biggest challenges and risks – and how to address them

What’s next on policy and regulation, and dealing with the ever-changing requirements of investors and counterparties

Best strategies for marketing and business building

Latest thinking on cyber security, personnel issues and much more…

The Hedge Fund Business Forum is organised by Neil Wilson and John Willis, who each bring more than 15 years’ experience from founding and running some of the most highly regarded events in the hedge fund calendar.

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08:00Doors open and registration12:45Introduction to workshops
08:50View from the top: The major issues facing today’s firms
• What are the biggest challenges facing the CEO / COO?
• Recruiting, nurturing and developing new talent
• What are the key ingredients to survive, thrive, and drive growth for today’s funds?
• What fund structures do you need – UCITS, SIFs / QIFs, 40 Act? Managed accounts?
• Developing a workable succession plan
• What keeps you awake at night?
Moderator: Neil Wilson
Speakers: Luke Ellis, Man Group; Michael Hart, Amundi Asset Management; David Pendlebury, Harmonic Capital; Andre du Plessis, Chenavari Investment Managers
14:00Marketing and business building: What’s the right strategy for the new regime?
• How to comply with so many new rules?!
• Is regulation making some investor markets no longer worth looking at?
• How to respond to investor demands on fees and expense ratios
• Reverse solicitation – Where do management firms stand: Can’t say, won’t tell? See no evil, hear no evil? How long will it work – where and for how long?
• How to benchmark versus peers
Moderator: Robin Eggar
Speakers: Genia Diamond, Cantab Capital Partners; Nicola Meaden Grenham, Dumas Capital; Rahul Moodgal; Andy Simpkin, Lansdowne Partners
09:30Policy and regulation: What’s new on the horizon?
• AIFMD – when will I be able to passport my offshore fund across Europe?
• MiFID: Will new requirements on commission limits be a problem? What else are likely impacts on my trading environment?
• CCPs: Are there dangers lurking in the new rules on CCP resolution and recovery? How is the overlap between EU and US rules being addressed?
• Systemic risk : Is this the new excuse for adding regulation to hedge funds and how can the industry respond?
• Capital Markets Union : What can it do for me?
• What are the main US related developments potentially affecting globally active managers?
Moderator: Mike Regan, Citco Fund Services
Speakers: Darren Fox, Simmons & Simmons; Adam Jacobs, AIMA; Anna Maleva-Otto, Schulte Roth & Zabel; Angus Milne, The Children’s Investment Fund
14:50Workshops I – (topics are:)
• Tax: Is the ‘New Normal’ the end of history?
- Implications of recent tax developments including the Finance Act 2015
Session leader: Dan Roman, KPMG
• Investor issues
- Fees
- Lockups and gates
- Corporate governance
Session leaders: Steven Whittaker, Schulte Roth; Ken Somerville, Quintillion
• Lessons learned from hedge fund disputes and litigation
- Investor disputes, activism and derivative actions
- Fund governance challenges in relation to disputes
- Disputes, publicity and confidentiality
- Partnership and employee disputes
Session leader: Robert Turner, Simmons & Simmons
• The new paradigm for dealing with service providers
- The cost of choices: How many partners do you need?
- Getting more out of counterparties
- Strategic levers that managers can use
Session leaders: Elaine Keegan, Citco Fund Services Stephane Marchand and Kumar Panja, JP Morgan
• Cyber security
- What critical data infrastructure and applications are being targeted?
- Understanding the nature of the threat – and who it comes from
- Definition of cyber defence controls – and measuring the effectiveness
Session leaders: Peter Armstrong, Willis; Conor Kiernan, Marshall Wace; Dave Palmer, Darktrace
10:10Coffee15:40Workshops II – (repeats as at 14:50)
10:40Counterparties and financing issues: The changing relationship between funds and The Street
• What is the new environment that funds face in dealing with the banks – and is it affecting business?
• Unbundling prime broking: PB is still a somewhat opaque, ‘bundled’ business, but for how much longer?
• With the new capital rules applying to banks on the Street, is a much-heralded ‘fundamental repricing’ really happening? If so, for whom? What does it look like?
• Is competition holding back change? Will it continue to do so?
• What’s happening to market liquidity – and how do funds respond?
• Will finance still be available for newer funds and smaller funds?
Moderator: Nick Roe
Speakers: Dave Clarkson, JP Morgan; Steve Foster, Credit Suisse Asset Management; Simon Goodman, Duet Asset Management; Donald Pepper, Old Mutual Global Investors
11:25Cyber security: Where is the risk – and how to protect against it?
• How the risk is evolving – real life example(s) from cyber attacks in financial services
• What is the latest guidance from regulators?
• Insurance – what does it cover? And what does it not cover?
• What governance structure does a firm need to address cyber risk – what processes, systems, reporting structures are most appropriate?
Moderator: John Willis
Speakers: Peter Armstrong, Willis; Conor Kiernan, Marshall Wace; Dave Palmer, Darktrace
17:00Post-Weavering: Where does the ‘guilty’ judgment leave us?
• What are the implications if any going forward for other funds and managers?
• Where does it leave investors still not compensated?
• What is the impact on responsibilities of directors? Do investors need to be clearer about what they want?
• What is the impact / where does it leave administrators and auditors?
• Will it change the way documents are written? Has it done so already?
Moderator: Neil Wilson, Wilson Willis
Speakers: Conrad Levy, Brummer & Partners; Brian Clavin, KPMG; Caroline Hoare, IPAF; Joan Kehoe, Quintillion
12:00Investor requirements: What’s the new deal on fund terms – and due diligence?
• What can hedge funds do to be more ‘user-friendly’ for investors – and easier to justify to sceptical trustees?
• The state of play on side letters – and ‘comfort letters’
• Fees: What should the focus be on? Is there too much emphasis on total expense ratios (TERs)?
• Lock-ups and gates: How to fix or ‘modernise’ them from documents often written sometime in the past?
• Transparency, due diligence and pricing: What is best practice?
Moderator: Niki Natarajan
Speakers include: Jon Little, Northill Capital; Nacho Morais, Pragma Wealth Management; Chris Parkinson, Cardano

*Programme is provisional and subject to change

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