The Hedge Fund Business Forum 2016

Speakers confirmed so far:
Stuart Roden, Lansdowne Partners
Andrew Bastow, AQR Capital Management
Richard Tomlinson, Albourne Partners
Barney Dalton, Aspect Capital
Ian Lynch, BNP Paribas
Páraic Cosgrave, BNP Paribas
Conrad Levy, Brummer & Partners
Glen Mifsud, Bybrook Capital
Andre du Plessis, Chenavari
Angus Milne, TCI Fund Management
Martin Pabari, CQS
Sean Ward, Dyal Capital Partners
Vincent Bounie, Fenchurch Advisory
Teun Johnston, GLG Partners
Daniel Page, KPMG
Kevin Packford, Ledbury Partners
Den Pilsworth, Man Group
Kerry Duffain, Markham Rae
Simon Lorne, Millennium Management
Stephane Marchand, JP Morgan
Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, JP Morgan
Rahul Moodgal
Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
Tim Pearey, Odey Asset Management
Charles Gillanders, Quintillion
Anna Maleva-Otto, Schulte Roth & Zabel
Jim McNally, Schulte Roth & Zabel
Nick Colston, Simmons & Simmons
Richard Perry, Simmons & Simmons
Suling Tsang
Owen McCormack, Winton Ventures
Marcus Storr, FERI Trust
Michael Perotti, Falcon Money Management
Nick Tyler, Adelphi Capital
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Top Strategies in Operations & Business Management

19 May 2016, Institute of Directors, London


The Hedge Fund Business Forum provides senior business managers such as CEOs and COOs a dedicated meeting to debate the key operational and business issues affecting their businesses. The invitation-only event attracts around 150 people including from many of the major management firms.

Held for the first time in 2014, the Hedge Fund Business Forum has quickly become a popular annual event with the agenda constructed in consultation with leading firms such as Brummer, CQS, CSAM and Lansdowne.

This year’s Hedge Fund Business Forum provides an excellent opportunity to interact with peers and other industry experts at a time that the industry faces many challenges.

Key themes for this year will include:

  • Convergence, cannibalisation and alignment – how best to run a multi-product shop today
  • Coping with rapidly changing markets – a world of lesser liquidity and ‘mark-to quote’, cyber and other threats
  • The challenge of raising capital, and the changing face of investor requirements
  • Ongoing and upcoming legal and regulatory changes, and the prospect of Brexit
  • M&A, succession policy and generational transfer – and much more…

The event is organised by Neil Wilson and John Willis, who have worked with the hedge fund industry for more than 15 years each including founding and running some of the most successful events in the hedge fund calendar.

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08:00Doors open and registration12:40Lunch
08:55Welcome and introduction14:00Legal briefing: Market abuse
• Look ahead to the new pan-EU Market Abuse Regulation
• Differences from the current UK regime
• Practical impact on hedge fund managers
• What should you be doing to comply?
Speaker: Nick Colston, Simmons & Simmons
09:00Convergence, cannibalisation and alignment
• Can hedge funds retain their distinct identity and remain a separate realm within asset management? Or are they inevitably converging with traditional long-only, private equity and other areas?
• How best do you run a multi-product shop today?
• How best to generate value – and manage potential conflicts of interest with a parallel set of hedge funds, long-only, UCITS and managed accounts?
Speakers: Andrew Bastow, AQR; Teun Johnston, GLG Partners; Conrad Levy, Brummer & Partners; Ian Lynch, BNP Paribas
Moderator: Neil Wilson, Wilson Willis
14.15Managing the investor: How best to meet the challenge of capital raising today
• Coping with the ever changing rules and regs
• What’s the best marketing strategy in Europe today?
• Strategies to navigate what the investor needs and wants, and the best vehicles to offer (onshore, offshore, UCITS, managed accounts etc)
Speakers: Kerry Duffain, Markham Rae; Kevin Packford, Ledbury Partners; Daniel Page, KPMG; Andre du Plessis, Chenavari
Moderator: Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
09:40Presentation on market structure: Trends in liquidity and flows
• Impact on financing
Presented by: Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, JP Morgan
14:55What happens next? Selling stakes, strategic planning and succession policy
• What’s the best approach for founders looking to move on or retire?
• Selling minority stakes – how and why?
• What sort of partners fit best together? And on what sort of terms?
• How to retain the next generation of talent
Speakers include: Vincent Bounie, Fenchurch Advisory; Jim McNally, Schulte Roth & Zabel; Matthew Rees, Neuberger Berman; Sara Rejal, Willis Towers Watson
Moderator: Mark Harrison
09:50Market structure: Coping with a new world of lesser liquidity and ‘mark-to-quote’
• With banks largely withdrawing from prop trading, how do hedge funds best cope with a new market of thinner liquidity – especially at a time of ultra low rates and fee compression?
• How do prime brokers and other key counterparties view and manage risk in the new environment?
Speakers: Glen Mifsud, Bybrook Capital; Martin Pabari, CQS Stephane Marchand, JP Morgan; Nick Tyler, Adelphi Capital
Moderator: Suling Tsang
15:35Coffee break
10:30Coffee break15:55Marketing funds in Europe - Opportunities and challenges for Alternative Investment Funds and UCITS
• European capital raising - facts
• Access to European Investors
• AIFs versus UCITS in terms of accessing investors
• Benefits of a European Fund
• Jurisdiction overview
Speaker: Páraic Cosgrave, BNP Paribas
11:00Legal update: A review of key regulatory developments
Recent enforcement and supervision priorities in the US and the UK, including:
• Senior manager liability
• Investor protection issues
• Trading compliance
• Cyber security
Speaker: Anna Maleva-Otto, Schulte Roth & Zabel
16:10Cyber and other threats – and business continuity planning
• How should you / can you plan to keep operational – through cyber attacks, terrorism and other unknown threats?
• Do you need a strategy for social media?
• Should you adopt an approach that deploys ‘fintech’?
Speakers: Barney Dalton, Aspect Capital; Owen McCormack, Winton Ventures; Den Pilsworth, Man Group; Charles Gillanders, Quintillion
Moderator: John Willis, Wilson Willis
11:15‘Tell me what you want’: The changing face of investor requirements
• How much do investors still need hedge funds – and in what ways do they want to use them?
Moderator: Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
• Latest on what’s needed in due diligence, transparency, fees, policy on capacity etc
• The rising demand for ESG / sustainability
Speakers include: Rahul Moodgal; Richard Tomlinson, Albourne Partners; Marcus Storr, FERI Trust; Michael Perotti, Falcon Money Management
Moderator: Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
16.50The risk of Brexit – what’s the right approach to it?
• If Britain leaves the EU, what will be the effect if any on fund groups?
• Do management firms need to prepare for it – and, if so, how?
Speakers: Simon Lorne, Millennium Management; Angus Milne, TCI Fund Management; Tim Pearey, Odey Asset Management; Richard Perry, Simmons & Simmons
Moderator: Neil Wilson, Wilson Willis
12:00A ‘fireside chat’ with Stuart Roden, Lansdowne Partners
• Now the chairman of a highly-rated management team at one of London’s premier investment management firms, in both hedge funds and long-only strategies, Stuart Roden discusses the challenges today of running such a firm and keeping it on top of the game.

*Programme is provisional and subject to change

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