The Hedge Fund Business Forum 2018

Speakers include
Adam Sorab, Lodbrok
Alan Clarke, Scotiabank
Angus Milne, TCI
Ben Singh, Lansdowne Partners
Carol Ward, Man GLG
Clayton Heijman, Privium Fund Management
Conrad Levy
Denis Jackson, Law Debenture
Emad Mostaque, Capricorn
George Papamarkakis, North Asset Management
Gordan Hyland, I3PM
Gus Black, Dechert
Hansjoerg Hettich, Multichain Asset Managers Association
Jack Inglis, AIMA
Kate Squire, Man Group
Kevin Packford, Engadine Partners
Lee Robinson, Altana Wealth
Linda Gorman, Quintillion
Mark Flanagan, Aon Hewitt
Michelle Kirschner, Macfarlanes
Michael Rummel, CQS
Michael Walsh, White Marigold
Michael Murphy, Inverewe Capital
Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
Rahul Moodgal
Rory McGregor, Emso
Steve Foster, CSAM
Thomas Crow, Mov37
Timo Lehes, Swarm Fund

Strategic Thinking In Operations & Business Management

15 May 2018, Institute of Directors, London


The Hedge Fund Business Forum brings together senior business managers such as CEOs and COOs to debate the key operational and business issues affecting their businesses. This invitation-only event is free to attend and attracts around 150 people including from many of the major management firms.

Now in its 5th year, the Hedge Fund Business Forum has quickly become a popular annual event with the agenda constructed in consultation with leading firms such as Brummer, CQS, CSAM, Lansdowne and TCI.

This year’s Hedge Fund Business Forum provides an excellent opportunity to interact with peers and other industry experts at a time that the industry faces many challenges.

Key themes for this year will include:

  • The macro outlook: How will it affect the operating environment?
  • 10 years on from the global financial crisis: What lessons have been learnt, what legacies remain and how are we prepared for the future?
  • Current legal and regulatory developments – including MiFID II, GDPR and SMR
  • What are managers doing to attract investor money – including with structuring, fees, governance and ESG?
  • The successful funds of tomorrow: Other than a solid track record, what are the vital ingredients?
  • Dealing with the unexpected: Lessons learned from things that went wrong…
  • The crypto-currency craze: Should the industry be taking it seriously?

The event is organised by Neil Wilson and John Willis, who have over 40 years’ experience working with the hedge fund industry including founding and running some of the most successful events in the hedge fund calendar.


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Doors open and registration
Welcome and introduction
9.05The macro outlook: How will it affect the operating environment?
• Competing with the easy returns from beta in a world of QE – is all that really coming to an end? How will it play out?
• What are the coming macro trends?
• How might Brexit change things – if at all?
• What might a change of government in the UK mean for the industry?
Speakers: Tim Beck, Stenham Advisors; Alan Clarke, Scotiabank; Emad Mostaque, Capricorn; George Papamarkakis, North Asset Management
14.15What do managers need to do these days to get investor money? What’s needed in terms of ODD?
• How best for funds to be structured? Onshore and/or offshore?
• New fee structures?
• New governance models?
• Will ESG criteria become more mainstream for hedge funds – and how can you deliver?
Speakers include: Mark Flanagan, Aon Hewitt; Denis Jackson, Law Debenture; Rahul Moodgal; Carol Ward, Man GLG
Moderator: Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
9.50PresentationGus Black, Dechert15.00Dealing with problems that arise: Lessons learned from things that went wrong…
• What can you do if the proverbial hits the fan for your firm?
• Crisis management and disaster recovery
• Addressing continuing negative perceptions of hedge funds
Speakers: Sarah Caygill, IPAF; Jack Inglis, AIMA; Conrad Levy, Infusive; Michael Rummel, CQS
Moderator: Will Sykes, Macfarlanes
10.0010 years on from the global financial crisis: What lessons have been learnt, what legacies remain and how are we prepared for a future crisis?
• Is counterparty risk now better addressed? How has documentation improved? Does more need to be done?
• What are the legacies – e.g. old side pockets – still to be unwound?
• Are we well prepared for the next crisis whatever it will be? Is the FCA better prepared?
• Does outsourcing solve issues satisfactorily?
Speakers include: Stephen Foster, CSAM; Rory McGregor, Emso; Linda Gorman, Quintillion
15.45Coffee break
10.45Coffee break16.00Embracing Disruptive Technology - What should the modern management firm be preparing for?
• What else is coming from fintech and the worlds of data science and AI?
• RegTech and other applications for robotic process automation
• Investor services – still so antiquated but ripe for modernisation and improvement?
Speakers include: Thomas Crow, Mov37; Barney Dalton, Aspect Capital; Charles Gillanders, Quintillion; Russell Hart, Alcova Asset Management
11.15Current legal and regulatory developments – MiFID II, Brexit and beyond
• Five months on, what’s the effect of MiFID II so far? What questions remain?
• Is everybody ready for GDPR and SMR?
• Brexit – still preparing for the worst?
• Offshore and onshore – what sort of ‘substance’ will management firms need on the ground?
• What’s next on the horizon?
Speakers include: Michelle Kirschner, Macfarlanes; Angus Milne, TCI; Benjamin Singh, Lansdowne; Kate Squire, Man Group
Moderator: Max Rijkenberg, PAAMCO
16.45The crypto-currency craze: Should the industry be taking it seriously?
• Is crypto set to become a major new asset class? Will the regulators and central banks allow it to keep growing?
• Will it become a fertile area for hedge fund strategies – and of what types? Can it ever become more than an illiquid directional bet?
• Will crypto currencies become a part of the operational platform for hedge funds – and if so how?
Speakers include: Hansjoerg Hettich, Multichain Asset Managers Association; Gordan Hyland, I3PM;
Timo Lehes, Swarm Fund; Lee Robinson, Altana Wealth
12.00The successful funds of tomorrow: What are the vital ingredients – other than a solid track record?
• What lessons can be learned from funds that have come through successfully?
• Will platforms become increasingly dominant?
• How to innovate – and avoid cannibalisation?
• How important it is to remain flexible in your offer to investors – including in long-only and long/short structures?
• Identifying, nurturing, developing and retaining talent in a business
Speakers include: Clayton Heijman, Privium Fund Management; Kevin Packford, Engadine Partners; Adam Sorab, Lodbrok Capital; Michael Walsh, White Marigold
Moderator: Michael Murphy, Inverewe Capital

*Programme is provisional and subject to change

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