The Hedge Fund Business Forum 2019

Speakers include:
Anatole Kaletsky, GaveKal
Andrew Parry, Hermes Investment Management
Carol Ward, Man GLG
Gordon Clark, Prudential PMG
Gunjan Kedia, U.S. Bank
Martin Pabari, CQS
Marisa Hall, Towers Watson
Nathanaël Benzaken, Lyxor
Nikos Latsos, Julius Baer
Rory McGregor, Emso Asset Management
Scott Davies, CDAM
Simon Ruddick, Albourne Partners
Stephen Coltman, Aberdeen Standard Investments
Stuart Bloomfield, Scotiabank
Suzi Nutton, Lansdowne Partners
Tracy Cherrington, CSAM
Trudi Boardman, Cambridge Associates
Victoria Rock, Legg Mason

Strategic Thinking In Operations & Business Management

16 May 2019, Institute of Directors, London


The Hedge Fund Business Forum brings together senior business managers such as CEOs and COOs to debate the key operational and strategic business issues affecting their businesses. This invitation-only event is free to attend and attracts around 150 people including from many of the major management firms.

Now in its 6th year, the Business Forum has become a popular annual event with the agenda constructed in consultation with leading firms such as CQS, CSAM, Lansdowne, Man GLG, Schroders, TCI, Emso and Aspect Capital.

As in previous years, this year’s event provides an excellent opportunity to interact with peers and other experts at a time of many challenges for the industry and for the world.

Key themes for this year will include:

  • The macro outlook: Where in the world are we with the end of QE, Trump, trade wars and Brexit?
  • The elephant in the room: After recent performance, where next for the hedge fund industry in terms of strategies, structures and fees?
  • Dealing with key counterparties – and making the relationships work
  • Culture & Diversity: Critical to a successful business?
  • The brave new world of investor requirements: What strategy do you need for ESG?
  • Key regulatory developments including SMCR – is it what you think it is?
  • Strategic thinking on Tech: How do you get the most from your technology platform and team?

The event is organised by Neil Wilson and John Willis, who have over 40 years’ experience working with the hedge fund industry including founding and running some of the most successful events in the hedge fund calendar.

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Programme (subject to change)

Doors open and registration
Welcome and introduction
9.00The big picture – where in the world are we?
• The global macro outlook
• The end of QE?
• Trump and trade wars
• Brexit – if, what and when?
Moderator: Neil Wilson, Wilson Willis
Speakers include: Stephen Coltman, Aberdeen Standard; Scott Davies, CDAM; Anatole Kaletsky, GaveKal; Graham Neilson, Fulcrum Asset Management
14.00Presentation by Michelle Kirschner, Macfarlanes: Roundup of regulatory developments including making sense of SMCR
• How the SM&CR will apply to you, your firm and your colleagues
• Our experience of the implementation and application of the existing regime to banks
• What firms ought to do now to prepare for this looming regulatory challenge
9.45PresentationGunjan Kedia, U.S. Bank: Investors and their love/hate relationship with hedge funds
• Hedge fund industry trends
• Pressure from investment performance
• High demand
• Industry growth
Gunjan Kedia was named as one of the most powerful women in Finance by American Banker* in 2018. Here she discusses the challenges faced by investment managers in 2019 and investors love/hate relationship with hedge funds.
14.15Risk appetite – what differentiates investors?
• Why do some investors like managers who take risk and have some volatility – but others do not?
• Equity hedge funds - Is it worth paying fees for long bias? Blending hedge funds with long-only – allocations, distribution and performance
• The new versus the big and established – how can managers attract capital?
• The tyranny of the buy list
• Navigating today’s myriad of registration, compliance and marketing rules
Speakers: Nathanaël Benzaken, Lyxor Asset Management; Trudi Boardman, Cambridge Associates; Gordon Clark, Prudential PMG; Nikos Latsos, Julius Baer
10.00The elephant in the room – where next for the hedge fund industry?
• After recent performance, do hedge funds now face an existential crisis?
• Is there still a case for hedge funds – or do they need reinventing?
• Strategies, structures and fees – what will be appropriate going forward?
• Who will win out: bigger institutional asset managers or small and nimble boutiques? Or will there be a place for both?
Moderator: Ken Somerville, U.S. Bank
Speakers: Chris Learmonth, Leadenhall Capital Partners; Jordan O’Neill, Aspect Capital; Martin Pabari, CQS; Victoria Rock, Legg Mason
15.00The brave new world of investor requirements: What strategy do you need for ESG?
• What do investors really want? Can it be defined?
• How do firms that run hedge funds and alternative strategies structure themselves appropriately to meet ESG criteria?
• Can they do so effectively? Can they deploy a full panoply of strategies, including the short side?
• Complying with UNPRI; scoring systems for responsible investing (RI); and impact investing
Moderator: Niki Natarajan, In Ink (London)
Speakers: Kevin Gundle, Aurum Funds; Jason Mitchell, Man GLG; Andrew Parry, Hermes Investment Management; Paul Udall, Osmosis Investment Management
10.45Coffee break15.45Coffee break
11.15Dealing with counterparties – making the key relationships work
• With many hedge funds delivering disappointing returns, are they no longer such preferred clients for the Street – and what does that mean going forward?
• Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with prime brokers, administrators and other key counterparties
• After unbundling, paying for research – do you get what you pay for?
Moderator: Will Sykes, Macfarlanes
Speakers include: Stuart Bloomfield, Scotiabank; Nick D’Onofrio, North Asset Management; Rory McGregor, Emso; Suzi Nutton, Lansdowne Partners
16.00Keynote conversation: A ‘fireside chat’ with Simon Ruddick, founder of Albourne Partners
The founder of Albourne discusses his life in hedge funds and alternative investments, lessons learned along the way and what’s so important about the Investor Manifesto II
12.00Presentation by Ron Feldman, Cummings Fisher: Financial markets and derivatives - upcoming changes and how to respond
• What are the notable near horizon changes in financial markets and derivatives counterparty agreements to prepare for?
• How will such changes affect current counterparty agreements and the relationships with counterparties and prime brokers?
• What matters investment managers should consider at present in preparation for such future changes?
16.30Brexit: How to make the most of it
• While much attention has focused on the potential new challenges for managers, what are the new potential opportunities?
• If and when it finally happens, how can you take advantage – and enhance your business?
Moderator: Stuart MacDonald, Bride Valley Partners
Speakers include: Claire Cummings, Cummings Fisher; Adam Jacobs-Dean, AIMA; Nancy King, Portman Compliance; Joe Vittoria, Mirabella Fund Services
12.15Culture & Diversity: Critical to a successful business?
• Building strength and depth in a team - recruiting, nurturing and retaining talent
• Millennials in the workplace
• Appropriate approaches on diversity: Is it an issue for hedge funds and how you should you tackle it?
Speakers: Tracy Cherrington, CSAM; Marisa Hall, Willis Towers Watson; Pruyn Haskins, Scotiabank; Carol Ward, Man GLG

*Programme is provisional and subject to change

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